Thursday, 06 June 2019 11:02

From field to bed. The transformation of a fleece

Things are hotting up now, especially for our Jacob sheep with their incredible thick fleeces. If we do not shear them, they will be susceptible to fly strike which can be fatal.

So it was with luck that our crucial shearer came on Saturday. Admittedly we have a small flock, enough to keep us busy but not big enough to be commercial.

Jacobs with their horns and their conformation (animal shape) means there is little meat in comparison to commercial breeds such as Texel and Suffolk, but nevertheless the quality of their fleeces is well known.

So at the end of the hot day we ended up with several builders bags of lovely brown white and grey fleeces.

Fortunately the lovely Katy was staying with us at Golden Grove, and listening to what a fabulous weaver she is, we have given her the challenge of transforming our raw freshly shaun fleece into bedspreads.

It will be satisfying to recall the fleece’s journey from field to bed. Hopefully will be able to post pictures of Katy’s work in a few months time.

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