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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need to make a reservation?

Yes. Reservations are a must. We are a small and popular site. We can not accept anyone who does not have a reservation.

Can I play music outside?

One of the reasons Golden Grove is so popular is because it is quiet and peaceful. We ask all guests to respect this and maintain that atmosphere.

Please do not play loud music, TV or radio at any time, especially during the summer months when windows are open.

Is Golden Grove dog-friendly?

Yes – it's a fantastic place for dogs.

We have plenty of space on site and several recommended walks in the surrounding areas for you to try.

It is essential however, that you keep your dog on a lead and under control at all times.

Please be mindful that the surrounding area is an important habitat for wildlife which your dog will disturb if left to roam freely.

Also, do not let your dog disturb other guests and refrain them from aggressive behaviour towards other guests and dogs.

Where can I put dog waste?

Please always clean up after your dog. There is a dog waste bin in the rubbish collection area of the site.

How much do you charge for dogs?

Dogs are welcome at no additional cost.

Are children allowed?

Sorry, the caravan site is for adults only, no children are permitted.

What time should I arrive?

Please arrive after 12 noon and vacate your pitch by 12 noon unless previously arranged with the caravan park management.

Can I pitch anywhere?

Our pitches are large enough for bigger motorhomes and awnings. Please park and pitch within allocated pitch boundaries.

How much do you charge for awnings?

Our fee is a flat-rate. There is no additional charge for awnings. As long as everything is kept within the boundaries of your pitch.

How much do you charge for electricity?

Electricity is included in our per pitch fee.

Are there good places to walk?

The surrounding countryside hosts a network of public footpaths. You can find maps for these in the information hut in the caravan park, or you can download them from our 'Things To Do' section.

Can I explore the Saling Grove?

The surrounding gardens and parkland are strictly private and no entry is permitted.

Is the caravan park easy to access?

Yes. Access to the park is down a gravel track.

We do ask that you drive slowly on the access road to avoid the creation of potholes.

Also please drive slowly around the site, passed other guests, as gravel is noisy!

Are there washing facilities available?

There is an area for washing up, and a toilet. We do not have a shower at this point. Please keep these facilities clean and hygienic for other guests.

Do you recycle on the site?

Yes, there are appropriate bins for all recycling and we ask that you separate your rubbish and use these as instructed.

Can I have an open fire or barbeque?

Barbeques are permitted. But, open fires are not.

Especially in dry weather we ask that you do not light or maintain a fire.

Any cigarette butts must be firmly put out.

Fire extinguishers are available on site and if in danger please take the appropriate action to put out fire.

Are there laundry facilities?

We have a small washing machine which is available for £3 per load. We do not, however, have a dryer.

We do not permit hanging out of washing or drying clothes.

There are several launderettes available in Braintree.

Can I feed the animals?

We often have sheep grazing on site and we kindly request not to give the sheep any human food such as bread as it is bad for them. The occasional carrot or apple is welcome though.

Any food left outside is susceptible to attracting vermin, so if you want to leave some spare food for the birds, please use the bird feeders or ask the team on site.

If you have any other questions that are not covered here, please do not hesitate to contact Louise, here.